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Satta Matka Game in Sattatv

Many of you know that Satta Matka is a gambling game that was  started as a result of people betting on the opening and closing prices of the Cotton being transported via teleprinters from the New York Cotton exchange to Bombay Cotton exchange. 

People used to bet on cotton prices to try their luck and earned some extra money. this soon became very popular over a period of time, but very few could master Satta Matka’s winning art!One such individual whose name has carved in the gambling game history was Ratan Khatri! The name Ratan Khatri is well-known in the betting industry.


Let us give you some insights into the guy who gave Satta Matka an entirely different meaning!


The name ‘Satta Matka’ is derived from the pattern of the game. Initially numbers written on papers were put into an earthen pot. Which is also known as ‘Matka’ in Hindi. And ‘satta’ mean gambling.

Ratan Khatri was the man behind the notion of announcing costs for hypothetical goods to be opened and closed shortly after the ban on makingbets on cotton prices.


  • Numbers from 0- 9 will be drawn on paper parts and inserted into a matka, a large earthen pitcher.
  • Then, one person will draw a chit and announce the winning number.
  • This custom has changed over the years, and now three numbers have been drawn from a deck of cards that are being played.


In 1964 he released the new worli matka with no alteration to the game’s current rules. From the early 1960s until the mid-1990s, Ratan Khatri operated a nationwide matka company.


This game was widely spread along with international connections. With more than one lakh people employed in it, Matka’s company produced abundance of money during his reign as the Matka ruler.


It started off in Mumbaidevi’s Dhanji lane, the place Ratan Khatri started this business, where people bet on the fluctuating cotton prices of everyday trade. His matka company slowly flourished, and Dhanji street became a centre to put bets. 


Soon after with increasing demand of the players, Ratan khatri decide to start his own syndicate. Three cards were drawn in his own syndicate, instead of one, to determine the winning number. People considered this custom to be quite rational, because results were drawn before them. Satta Matka has gained popularity among many people due to his sheer determination and commitment to develop this company, looking for different to earn some extra. Not just that, but his commitment to make this game fair to all the people who respected him made him the King in the company of Satta. He helped Satta Matka develop into a market in which betting was activity in which people could both love and earn. Moreover Satta Matka is a leisure sport.

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